We Can All Agree To Pretend This Never Happened

2W 2M / 50 minutes

Liz is cheating on Andrew with Lincoln, but that's not the secret she and Maya are hiding from the rest of the scientists in their Siberian lab. The secret is very serious. The secret is ecoterrorism. The secret is in danger when a series of romantic misunderstandings take over the live of the research team.

A mischievous one-act farce about American scientists in Russia, the optics of climate change, and effing organisms in the effing ice.



ensemble studio theater (NYC)
production, marathon of one-act plays
Dir. abigail zealy-bess, 2015

òran Mór (glasgow)
dir. joe douglas, 2015

tiny dynamite & InterAct (Philly)
dir. kittson o'neill, 2014


Commissioned & developed by Tiny Dynamite for "A Play, A Pie and A Pint"